My name is Cannon Bigsby.

Music Emotion + Instrumentation

Motion Picture Story + Scene

Visual Still Images + Print

Software + Web Engagement + Usability

Palace Italian Restaurant

I created a rustic web presence for this italian eatery as a gateway to delicious pizzas and savory pasta.

Right Brain Media

I worked as a software engineer on many projects with Right Brain Media. Using cutting-edge web technologies to create video streaming, iOS, Android, and CDN-level applications.

Southern Exposure Photography

I created a site for this wedding and portrait photographer to showcase her images and allow her clients to securely view and purchase prints.

About Me Who + Why

Nice to meet you,

     My name is Cannon Bigsby, I am a visual and musical artist from Orlando, FL. I've got nearly 10 years of experience as a professional sound engineer, filmmaker, and software engineer. I have worked with many corporations and teams large and small, in both support and lead roles. At around age 5 I began learning to edit VHS, Betamax and expirement with 3d animation. In many ways, film and visual effects will always be my deepest passion. Until high school, I continued to refine my film and video experience; I became a fixture in television production classes offered in my school system. During High school I opened my own business offering video production, photography and web development services. I have been lucky to have documented countless weddings, parties, commercials, music videos, narrative works, and coporate vignettes. I also spent a fair amount of time returning the passion I was gifted for film as a video production teacher of both students and teachers.

     Around ten years ago I began to learn to create web and desktop applications. When I opened my business in early 2005, I offered my burgeoning talents as web developer along with the other visual services I offered. I am fortunate to have a thorough background in visual composition, along with a thorough understanding of a few coding languages. I am an expert in PHP, Python, Javascript, various flavors of SQL and No-SQL, video delivery for web, and content-delivery architechture. I am proficient in Objective-C, C#, VBScript, Mobile Applications, and security penetration testing. I am always happy to be challenged by any web or desktop development project that comes along.

Companies I've worked with: